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    1. 濰坊薩伯特威爾精密機械有限公司


      聯系人:付經理 18663607979

      聯系人:穆經理 15169547440


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        Environmental protection: to transport the industrial and living sewages, the filth and containing solid grains and short fibers,especially suitable for the oil-water separator, plant- and-frame filter etc. equipments.


        Shipping industry: ship bottom cleaning, oil water, oil sew-age etc. media transporting.



        Petroleum industry: to transport the raw oil, especially in t-he recent years, it has successfully pumped the mixture of both raw oil and  water in a depth of 1000m under the ground and the mixture of both gas and water in a coal field, thus greatly lowering the costs for

        mechanical oil extraction, coal mining and gas production. In case of the later stage for a coal field, u-se of the pump to pump  polymers into the substrate can enhance the recovery efficiency.


        Medicine/daily chemicals: to transport various viscous pulps emulated liquids, carious soft-cream cosmetics.


        Food and canned food industry: to transport various viscous starches, edible oil, honey, syrup, jam, cream, smashed fish and meat  and the leftover bits and pieces of them.


        Brewing industry: to transport various fermented viscous liquids, concentric distiller’s grains, food dregs, various sauces, pulps and   the viscous liquid containing block solids.


        Construction industry: to transport cement mortar, lime white, coating and other paste spray-coatings.


        Mining industry: to drain the sewage, muddy pulp containing solid grains onto the ground from a mine.


        Chemical industry: to transport various suspended liquids, grease, various colloidal pulps and various adhesives.


        Printing and paper-making industry: to transport high viscous inks, PVC polymeric plastic paste of wallpapers, paper pulps and shofiber pulpy materials of various concentrations.

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